Siena, Italy


On our trip to Italy, we were lucky enough to spend 5 nights in the beautiful medieval walled city of Siena in Tuscany. We were given good recommendations by people who had visited previously, and were very excited to be able to see it for ourselves!

Siena is famous for its cuisine, art, museums, medieval cityscape and the Palio, a horse race held twice a year. We instantly fell in love with the people, the culture and atmosphere this amazing city had.

DPP_0229 DPP_0198DPP_0191We spent many days wandering through the small streets leading to large piazzas, with breathtaking views over the city itself. We climbed many stairs to take in the well renowned scene of the Tuscan landscape. Wide rolling hills and rooftops were exactly what we came here to see.

Inside many of the 12th century buildings, we were mesmerised by just how great the architecture and craftsmanship were. Every detail was upheld and cared for with great delicacy, which truly did make you feel as if you were stepping back in time.

DPP_0178 DPP_0180cDPP_0170DPP_0119DPP_0165DPP_0125cDPP_0148There was something so magical about spending days aimlessly meandering through the city like a local. We shopped, ate gelato and spent many hours in restaurants watching people go about their daily business. It was fascinating to see and something that doesn’t often happen on overseas holidays.

With distance being a key factor, we are always so rushed to squeeze as much in to our itinerary that we forget to relax and enjoy the culture that we have traveled so far to see. That was the main aim of this holiday and I am pleased to say I believe we achieved that here in Siena!

DPP_0147c DPP_0146DPP_0138The architecture in this great city was breathtaking. Even looking back at these photos, you are unable to fully grasp how monstrous they were and how dwarfed you felt at the time. The details gone in to creating these beautiful buildings is astounding let alone realising just how long ago all of these masterpieces were built!

DPP_0137 DPP_0133 DPP_0186
DPP_0143DPP_0080 DPP_0194Siena had such a beautiful feeling about it. Perhaps the old world charm this city exuded had something to do with it. The cobbled streets, small restaurants and friendly nature of the people really does make me want to return one day.

DPP_0068wDPP_0067 DPP_0082DPP_0064DPP_0143DPP_0049DPP_0056Have you ever been to Siena?

Do you have a favourite destination in Italy?

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