The {Instagram} Week That Was…

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Weekend Wanderings…


What better way to spend a weekend than jumping in the car for two hours and heading north to see my family!

After a quiet Friday night in, we loaded up the car and hit the road to escape the city for the beautiful countryside where my parents live. It is just outside the Hunter Valley and really is so stunning.

The weather in Sydney was absolutely miserable as we pulled out of our driveway. Rain was teaming down and it was cold and not very pleasant at all.  The only cure, to turn up the music and sing along as we made the journey up the freeway.

About halfway through our trip you could see the sun starting to poke through the clouds and slight glimpses of blue skies in the distance. By the time we had turned off the freeway, there were some seriously magical cloud formations happening over the mountains and paddocks. I was in awe of the breathtaking beauty we were witnessing, and sadly I don’t think the photographs do it justice!

IMG_8181 IMG_8182 IMG_8187IMG_8189IMG_8188IMG_8184IMG_8191 IMG_8194 IMG_8186

On arrival to my parent house, we sat down for some lunch and chatted away over an afternoon of antipasti delights my sister had picked up on her way!

She has just returned from Japan, and was retelling many fabulous stories of places and things she had seen while she was there. Japan has always been on the “wanderlist” and now even more so I think! The culture, the people, the food – it really sounds like a must see destination.

IMG_8204 IMG_8205

As one of my dear friends is getting married next year, there has been a lot of wedding talk of late! I am a bridesmaid, and it has been so enjoyable watching her try on gowns, discuss venues and colour schemes knowing that she’ll have a truly amazing day!

With all the wedding discussions going on, Mum quickly reminded me that my wedding gown was still in hanging in her wardrobe. Everyone joked about me putting it on, and I politely declined – but after some gentle prodding and some help from my Mum and sister – it was on!

I forgot how wonderful I felt in that dress. It was magical even 2.5 years later! I am so glad that I chose this dress for the special day, as even now it is my dream dress. Ryan looked at me just like he did on our wedding day when I put it on, and that is when I knew that I really had chosen the right dress for me!

IMG_8208eIMG_8215 IMG_8212IMG_8218 IMG_8219

After dinner we treated ourselves to some Sparkle Cupcakes!  The only problem with walking in, is trying to decide on which flavours to take home with you. We eventually decided on Salted Caramel, Pure Sparkle, Black Velvet, Lavender & Honey, Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate & Strawberry. They were ALL delicious!

It was so nice to relax and spend some quality time with the family over the weekend, and one I am very thankful we are able to do now they only live 2hrs drive away rather than 7hrs!

Now, as I spend each week sharing some my weekend highlights I thought it might be nice to see some of yours as well! You can post a little picture up on my Snappystreet Facebook  page and show me something fun you got up to over your own weekend!

Also, you can follow along if you have Instagram and upload your photos there, and use the #snappyweekend so I can admire all of your pictures there too!

Or even over on Twitter, again using the same #snappyweekend

I would love to feature some of your weekend photographs as well! So start snapping away!


Sydney Instameet // Christmas in July


Last Wednesday night I attended my very first Instameet! Thanks to the lovely ladies over at Blog Society and Little Paper Lane, who organised a beautiful Christmas in July event at Williams-Sonoma in Bondi Junction.

We drank mulled wine, fabulous Tanqueray gin cocktails and even decorated some delightful cookies thanks to the guidance of Sweet N’ Pretty

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It was a great chance to meet some fellow bloggers and instagram addicts like myself! Finally I had the chance to meet the beautiful Sonia from Life Love and Hiccups and it was honestly like we were long lost friends. I adore that Jaclyn from Blog Society can help to bring the blogging and online community together with fun-filled events like this!

Have you ever met any of your online friends in real life?

The {Instagram} Week That Was…

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Weekend Wanderings…


Halfway through July. Yes, let’s just stop for a moment and read that again… HALFWAY through July. Which means we’re on the downhill run for 2014!

I am still in shock at the prospect of this. HOW?! When did this happen? I feel like I fell asleep in April and woke up smack bang in the middle of July. There are still so many things I want to see and do for the remainder of the year, so it’s time to get moving! Although it is hard during the cold winter months, it is best to not hibernate too much, or it will be spring before you know it (which in reality is only 6 weeks away) Now I know, you’re probably all rolling your eyes at me. “Calm down, it’s ONLY July” which is true. There is still loads of minutes, days and weeks left in 2014 – but why do I have this feeling that it is quickly slipping through my fingers? Does anyone else feel this way?

So, after a chilled out night relaxing on the couch at home on Friday night with hot Milos, popcorn and The Grand Budapest Hotel I knew it was time to get out and experience a new place for breakfast come Saturday morning. The husband had been home ALL week sick from work, and after a stop off at the doctor to finally determine what was wrong (more than just a case of man flu – a sinus infection!) we got some antibiotics and then headed off to The Clubhouse in Rosebery – and it was delicious!

IMG_7947IMG_7952 IMG_7957IMG_7954
It was here once breakfast was complete that I embraced my inner child after discovering the most enormous leaf I had ever encountered! I couldn’t resist having a mini photo shoot in the winter wind with my new find. It was beautiful! Somehow I don’t think my husband felt the same way as he pointed the camera at me while I danced around like a kid with my giant leaf!

IMG_7968 IMG_7970

From here, I sent the sick husband home to be banished to the couch {again!} while I headed in to the city to meet my best friend Lauren for a day of wedding gown shopping for her upcoming 2015 wedding! It was most exciting seeing her try on so many beautiful and gorgeous dresses and imaging her walk down the aisle to meet the man of her dreams at the other end!

I was also lucky enough to try on 5 bridesmaids dresses for the big day, so I can’t wait until we decide on the ONE!

IMG_7977 IMG_7978

After a busy day trying on dresses we finished off in the afternoon with a glass of bubbles to celebrate at The Print Room in Paddington. I had heard great things about this place, and I wasn’t disappointed at all! Climbing the stairs of the old terrace we were greeted to beautiful wooden floors, large windows with the late afternoon light streaming through and a few big groups of people eating and enjoying some Saturday afternoon celebrations.

The venue had a lovely vibe to it, even though it wasn’t too busy and the staff were very attentive. I will most certainly be returning as the menu looked amazing!


After another quiet night in on Saturday night, we chose to stay indoors on a cold and blustery Sydney winters day and cook up some warming treats to get the husband over his sinus infection and feeling 100% again.

For breakfast we spent the time to cook up a delicious Shakshuka with some crusty bread to dip in to the sauce. Coffee, tea and orange juice were the perfect accompaniment! This is one dish we love eating, but very rarely make the time or effort to do this so I am glad we did! We still have a few things we want to do to the recipe to really refine it to our tastes, but hopefully cooking it a few more times will allow us to get it perfect! And lets be honest, any excuse to eat that on the weekends is a fine by me!

IMG_7986 IMG_7990

As if that wasn’t enough, we figured due to the fact we weren’t planning on leaving the house that we would slow roast a lamb leg for 8hrs, so we prepared this and popped it in the oven to roast away over the whole day. It was lovely having the delicious garlic, rosemary and lamb smells wafting through the house knowing that it was going to be ready by about 7pm that night!


For me also, nothing beats a good soup in winter. A friend of mine had put me on to a delicious recipe for a spiced carrot and lentil soup so I was excited to try this out! I had never cooked with lentils before, and was amazed at how easy and scrumptious it was. Again, that crusty bread came in good use to dip in once the soup was done!


So with full bellies and  lots of relaxation another weekend came to a close. Did you get a chance to relax? Are you a fan of cooking a few meals up over the weekend to get prepared for the week ahead, or do you think that I’m crazy for thinking this is fun?!

Weekend Wanderings…


 Nothing soothes the soul like a mini getaway to the country. Open blue skies, crisp winter mornings and sunshine as far as the eye can see. This is exactly what we experienced last weekend, and it was most enjoyable!

Dear friends of ours invited us away to stay about 1.5hrs from Sydney, so we took the chance to spend some time under the stars with good food, fresh air and wonderful company. There were just 5 of us for the weekend, including our friends 2.5 year old son. Now, we’re not quite sure why or how he even got to this but I was only known as ‘Leila’ and the husband was ‘Byron’ most cute indeed! Needless to say there were lots of cuddles, walks and star spotting with the little man.

IMG_7886 IMG_7807


I think the boys had the most fun on the slide! Inside the cubby house I was treated to many cups of tea and buttered toast from the mini kitchen inside (including a boiled cucumber)! I think I’ll be back so my little chef can treat me again some time soon.

IMG_7810 IMG_7816bw IMG_7870

We got down and dirty out on the deck with a huge piece of art paper and many craft supplies including paints, glitter and our favourite – googley eyes!

Again, I think the adults had more fun with this activity and made all kinds of weird and wonderful shapes and animals covered in glitter and felt pom poms. It was almost therapeutic in a way, it’s been awhile since I’ve done a bit of finger painting!

IMG_7820 IMG_7848IMG_7825 IMG_7829bwIMG_7871IMG_7876IMG_7860IMG_7919 IMG_7877IMG_7906IMG_7921bw IMG_7928 IMG_7933

On Sunday we headed in to Wollombi to have lunch with my parents who only live about 25mins drive away. We enjoyed lunch at a little cafe with some sandwiches and fresh juice. It was a busy day in Wollombi with a lot of people out for a drive on a glorious winter Sunday.

Wollombi has a special charm about it, with only a small main street littered with a few cafes, antique shops and a great pub that was pumping for a Sunday afternoon.



I think our little mini escape to the country was a wonderful way to spend a nice winter weekend with friends! Let’s hope we can do it again very soon.

Was your weekend relaxing, and did you get up to any arts and crafts like we did?


Ten on Ten: July 2014

Another month for my photography challenge called Ten on Ten has passed. Rebekah Gough over at her lovely blog A Bit Of Sunshine, started this back in January 2008 after receiving her first DSLR for her birthday.

Rebekah says “The project has since grown to be a fun and interactive way for blogger’s from all around the globe to document a snap shot of their lives too, once a month on the tenth taking a photo an hour for ten consecutive hours. Finding life and beauty in the ordinary things of our day to day! To participate simply visit the blog on the tenth of the month and add your set to the linky party so that all can check out your day! Add a button to your side bar too and support the project!”

Now I must admit, I don’t follow the rules 100%. I didn’t take a photo on the hour, every hour for ten hours. Basically I selected 10 photos I had taken over the course of the day and used these. I still wanted them to show the simplicity of the lives we lead, and how the small and mundane things can actually be beautiful in themselves. I also intend to highlight these slightly differently to the way I normally would on the blog, and I’m going to challenge myself to only shoot black and white images.




So there you have it, month two of the Ten on Ten challenge complete!

Are you taking part in the Ten on Ten challenge, or is there another photography challenge that inspires you?