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Weekend Wanderings…

Spring has officially begun here in beautiful Sydney!  And what a glorious weekend it was. Catching up with friends, enjoying the sunshine and having the chance to see my Dad for Father’sView full post »

Life in the Fast Lane

Growing up, as a family we spent a LOT of time bowling. Every school holidays we would be down at the lanes, bowling up a storm. I love it, and have a slight obsession with bowling. People oftenView full post »

Weekend Wanderings

Ah, the last full weekend of winter is now complete! As of Sunday, we move in to the delightful Spring! Not that you can tell with this amazing weather we have been having, it has felt like SpringView full post »

Weekend Wanderings…

The weekend was filled with many catch ups with friends we hadn’t seen for some time, and as you’ll see below – quite a bit of eating! We were lucky enough to have wonderful weatherView full post »

Weekend Wanderings…

The weekend was filled with many wonderful adventures, but my favourite by far would have been a trip to the Flower Markets in Sydney, with two lovely friends! The only downside was having to wakeView full post »

Holiday Wanderings II

The second part of our week long holiday was spent in the countryside, about 5.5 hrs north of Sydney. So we hit the road fairly early, to get there as soon as we could! The house we had rented wasView full post »

Holiday Wanderings…

As you may know, I’ve just returned from a week away, and boy was it it great! We were lucky enough to duck away after work last Friday and hit the road, to make the most of our time away fromView full post »

Weekend Wanderings

 Another weekend was upon us, and after leaving work we were graced with a beautiful sunset! It was lovely to see, as for some reason, this week had just seemed to drag on and on. I had arranged toView full post »

Weekend Wanderings.

 Another weekend gone! Seriously, the older I get, the faster they fly by! We started off the morning on Saturday, by waking early and heading down to one of our favourite cafes in Marrickville,View full post »