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 Weekends are made for long lazy breakfasts. There is no rushing to work, no commute, no need to throw down a piece of toast as you run out the door or sit at your desk filing emails while you eat your morning muesli. Weekends allow more time, creativity and flair on your plate. Enter the Ultimate Breakfast Board!

I find this the perfect way to have a little ‘taste’ of everything. Some mornings I can’t decide if I want eggs, a breakfast stack on sourdough or even grilled mushrooms with ham! The breakfast board takes the best parts of breakfast and allows you to showcase them all together and eat them as you see fit at the time!


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An important element in creating our perfect breakfast board is the avocado smash we like to make. All it takes is some simple steps to really help boost the flavours! For our smash, we take one very ripe avocado, a fresh lemon and some finely chopped parsley. Combine that with some salt and pepper to taste, and really get in there and smash that avocado! We like it to almost be a smooth paste like consistency as it is easily spreadable on toast and a much better alternative to butter.

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A breakfast board allows you to raid your pantry and fridge for fresh produce and assemble them all together to create the ultimate weekend smorgasbord. For us, it was simple as some sourdough, ham, baby spinach, goats cheese, eggs, mushrooms and an avocado to create a tasty avocado smash with lemon, salt & pepper with fresh parsley. It is entirely up to you what you like to have on your breakfast board, thats the beauty of it! Sometimes we also like to alternate ingredients with haloumi, baked beans or bacon (just to name a few!)


 Cooking each element can be a little fiddly and time consuming, but I promise that the effort will well be worth it. For us, it was as simple as following a few key steps to ensure all was cooked and ready to serve at similar times.

First step was roasting the tomatoes. We lightly covered these in olive oil and mixed herbs and threw these in the oven while getting on with preparing and cooking all the other ingredients. Next up, making the avocado smash. This can then basically be left in the fridge until ready to serve. Now, I find pan frying mushrooms to take longer than making scrambled eggs, so these were next to hit the pan. With a little dash of butter and fresh parsley we kept these over a medium heat ensuring to turn them occasionally so they don’t burn or stick to the pan. Personally I like these in butter rather than olive oil as they can end up a bit too greasy for my liking that way. While the mushrooms are cooking away it’s time to prepare the eggs. Just a dash of milk with some parsley, salt and pepper and they’re good to go in the pan. Pop the toast in, and then keep an eye on it all! If you follow this order they should all be done roughly around the same time!

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What can be better than sitting down to a freshly brewed pot of English Breakfast Tea, while slowly working your way through the ultimate breakfast board? Weekend breakfasts never tasted (and looked!) so good.

Will you be giving the breakfast board a try in your home this weekend?

What is your favourite breakfast to make at home?


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