Breakfast Bruschetta


A few weekends ago, Ryan and I were looking for a new breakfast addition to our usual morning routine. In our house, we quite like scrambled eggs but felt like a change! They say that’s as good as a holiday right?

Also I’ve recently only started to really appreciate all that avocado has to offer! I know, I’m crazy for not realising this sooner…

So we bought some delicious sourdough bread, and whipped up these scrumptious numbers!

IMG_6142c IMG_6143IMG_6146a


This was such a basic and simple breakfast to make and was most delicious!

Ingredients were as simple as Sourdough, Avocado, Tomatoes, Mushrooms and topped with Goats Cheese. Since this, we have also been adding goats cheese to just about anything we can get our hands on!

Do you have a favourite breakfast to cook?

I’d love to expand our weekend selections!

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