Travel: Sunshine in the French Riviera

We couldn’t have chosen a better day to take the 1 1/2hr bus trip from Nice to Cannes.

Blue skies, sunny days and not a cloud in sight! The long stretches of beach (with actual sand mind you) were full of other holiday makers, enjoying the beautiful warm weather and the Mediterranean.

The atmosphere here was quite relaxed compared to Monaco.

People seemed happy to sit and watch the world pass them by, while sipping a drink, reading the paper or just staring out in to the ocean.

We spent the morning wandering the Promenade de la Croisette, the waterfront avenue lined with palm trees. La Croisette is known for its view of the picturesque beaches and is filled with restaurants, cafés and boutiques. People here were very well dressed, and certainly looked the part.

We walked towards Port Pierre Canto to admire many of the super yachts that had docked for the day. Mostly from London it seemed, and silly that so many of them were there and not being used on such a magnificent day.

Strolling back down Promenade de la Croisette, this time we enjoyed viewing all of the hotels you see in TV Shows and movies.

We were imagining the life of the rich and famous – deciding which of these stunning hotels to choose to stay in.

The heat of the day was well and truly upon us now, so we took refuge in the shady alleyways of La Suquet, the old town.We had a lovely lunch with a glass of rose, and took some time out from our busy morning exploring.

Refueled and set to see more, we headed up towards the fortified tower and Chapel of St Anne house the Musée de la Castre, which also provided a good view of La Croisette.

While wandering the streets we came across Rue Meynadier, a busy shopping area filled with locals and tourists alike.

It was here, we came across heaven. Jean Luc Pele. A wonderful and amazing shop filled with every French pastry imaginable. We couldn’t resist.

Both of these desserts were some of the best I have ever had in the whole world. Mouth watering, delicious, so full of flavour and I didn’t want it to end!

Our truly decadent day out in Cannes was far from over though.

We knew we couldn’t have travelled all this way and not sit and enjoy a lovely glass of French Champagne on the beach at an exclusive hotel bar and restaurant. After much consideration, we decided upon the stylish Hotel Martinez.

Here, you can enjoy deck chairs or day beds, right on the beach, next to the bar and restaurant. If you’re a guest at the hotel – you can use these facilities for free, but if you’re not – you can pay for the privilege for the day.

We opted to have a glass of Tattinger at the bar, and watch the lives of the rich and glamourous around us bask in the sun, enjoying drinks, food and personal service.

It was an amazing sight seeing people pay to use the beach.

Here, when you come to the beach, you need not bring a thing! You’re provided with deck chairs, towels, access to beautiful showers and toilets, and last but not least a bar and restaurant. If you wish, you can have your food in the restaurant, or if you prefer they would bring it to your deck chair. The same goes for your drinks. Why wouldn’t you relax under your beach umbrella provided with your deck chair and sip on a cocktail hand delivered while your children run around splashing in the ocean in front of you?

It was a world away from life here in Australia, and I think we might need to win the lotto if we wish to live that kind of lifestyle.

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