Melbourne, Victoria {Part II}


Our second day began with a walk along the river before stopping off for breakfast in the city. It was much cooler, so we tried to stay indoors as much as possible – the wind was very chilly!




We set off to visit the famous Queen Victoria Market which certainly exceeded all expectations. Honestly, I have never seen anything quite like this before. Walking in to the dairy and deli pavilion we were overwhelmed with the number of stalls selling amazing goods. We only wish we had been able to stock up on items! Sadly, we were just browsing and not getting to taste any of the delightful treats.

The markets were very busy with stalls overflowing with customers and people lining up for these amazing doughnuts from an old van. We weren’t game to join the 40 person queue so will never know if they were worth the wait!



Walking back to the city, we spent some times meandering through the old arcades that are so special to Melbourne. We came across the Hopetoun Tea Rooms and it’s impressive window display. Our mouths were watering, but sadly there was another long line to be seated so we just admired from afar. This will most certainly be on our must-do list on our next visit!


As we were unable to be seated in the Hopetoun Tea Rooms, we still had a craving for something sweet so instead stopped in for a delicious hot chocolate and dessert platter at Koko Black which certainly hit the spot! A bit of a sugar overload though, and we did see two separate customers leave both a mobile phone and a credit card behind as they wandered off in a sugar haze!



We headed to Spring Street and spent a it of time inside the Melbourne City Wine Shop with an impressive wine range, the selection was almost overwhelming! We saw many people stop in and pick up a bottle for a special occasion as we sat up at the bar and enjoyed a beautiful glass of wine.


We finished off the day wandering through a bustling Chinatown and enjoying some gyoza. On Exhibition Street we had been told of a cocktail bar called 1806 which serves cocktails based on era. From the 1600’s right through to classic cocktails of today. It was a highlight of the day as we sat an enjoyed the beautiful atmosphere this cocktail lounge had to offer.

 Do you have a favourite cocktail you like to make?

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