Weekend Wanderings…


A glorious Sydney winter weekend! After finally feeling a bit better, we decided to get out an enjoy the sunshine and clear skies on Saturday. We left home, and walked our way in to the city lapping up some much needed Vitamin D. If that wasn’t enough exercise, we headed in to the gym for a session before walking over to Pyrmont via Darling Harbour, to have a lovely lunch at the Sydney Fish Markets.



We ordered some sashimi that was freshly sliced for us while we waited and I couldn’t resist grabbing some local prawns as well. Ryan doesn’t really eat them, so given the chance I’ll take it! We devoured the salmon and kingfish plus a little seaweed salad on the side. A perfect light lunch!

It was so lovely sitting outside in the sunshine enjoying our beautifully fresh seafood (minus the dive bombing seagulls!) A lot of people had similar ideas, so it was quite busy but we were served quickly and even managed to find a table without too much trouble.


It was such a fabulous day out, and in total we walked about 14km’s. Needless to say the legs were a little tired come Sunday morning! I really enjoy doing this at this time of year, as summer can be just too hot to get out for the whole day. 

Do you enjoy walking around your home town?

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