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Over the weekend we celebrated a very special birthday for one of my best friends Lauren, she turned the big 3-0!

27 of us headed out for a delicious dinner at Nomad in Surry Hills, which is soon becoming a favourite restaurant of mine! This is the second time I have dined here, and I enjoyed it just as much as the first. The food is mainly lots of small dishes made to share, and only recently have I started to enjoy this style of dining.

IMG_6244 IMG_6246bw IMG_6252 IMG_6266 IMG_6243IMG_6278 IMG_6313

The birthday girl requested a black and white theme for all of her guests, and then proceeded to wow everyone in a beautiful bright pink number! She looked amazing on the night!

All of us girlfriends chipped in for a combined present, which seems to be the done thing for 30th’s among our friends. That is how I ended up with my beloved camera! I think it is something special to do, meaning you can have a gift with more value and therefore will remain in close to your heart as it is generally something you really want.

IMG_6303 IMG_6312IMG_6358IMG_6374

She absolutely adored her new shoes, and everyone gushed over them for about 15mins!

Then a spectacular cake arrived and we all sang Happy Birthday as she blew out the sparklers. It was a two-tiered sponge cake with beautiful cream and berries. The only request had been to make it as Sex and the City as possible, which I think they managed to achieve!

IMG_6335 IMG_6340 IMG_6375



 It was lovely to see so many family and friends come to help celebrate her special day and catch up with people, some of whom I had not seen in years!

After dinner, a few of us headed out for some dancing and drinks to Hugo’s in Kings Cross. Needless to say my feet were very sore by the end of the evening from all the dancing, but the birthday girl certainly had a great time!

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Did you have a nice weekend? Were there any special events you attended?

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