Naples, Italy.


Naples is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world and is the capital of the Italian region Campania and the third-largest municipality in Italy, after Rome and Milan. The city is situated on the Gulf of Naples, on the western coast of Southern Italy. Naples’ 2,800-year-history has left it with a wealth of historical buildings and monuments, from medieval castles to classical ruins. 

We visited here during 2012 for a day trip while staying on the Amafli Coast.  We caught the train from Sorrento which allowed us to take in some magical views of coastlines and towns along the 1 hr 15min journey. The train itself was quite old, but bookings were required, it was just a matter of showing up and buying a ticket! Many people were using these trains to go to work or school for the day.

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On arrival in Naples, we were overcome with the sheer size of the city. It certainly was a lot more hustle and bustle than most places we had visited on this trip so far.

Admittedly I didn’t feel particularly safe while we were here. Train stations in Europe are notorious for pick pockets, and this was no exception.  As the station themselves are so busy, it is very easy for you to feel unsafe.

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We took some time to wander throughout the city, taking in all that it had to offer. Perhaps it was the fact that we had arrived from the gorgeous Amalfi Coast or that we felt so unsafe, we just didn’t enjoy our time in Naples. So much so, we left after we ate some lunch.

We found the city to be very dirty, covered in garbage and street hawkers on every corner. I am glad that we visited, and we did toss up the idea before we went to Italy of staying here for some time, but on reflection I am very glad we didn’t.

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Like any country you’re going to fall in love with some places you visit and loathe others. I guess that is all part of the charm of travelling. Even thinking about your own country, you would agree there are places you feel this way about as well.

Naples would certainly appeal to some people, with the crazy city streets filled locals and tourists everywhere. In fact, on our return home we have had huge discussions with people we know about how they really enjoyed it, versus our experience!

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Italy certainly has a lot to offer as a destination, and I won’t regret the fact that we visited Naples. Sadly for us, it probably won’t be a city we visit again.

Do you have a place you’ve visited that you just didn’t like? 

Have you been to Naples and want to convince me otherwise?

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