Weekend Wanderings…


After a few whirlwind weeks with work and many social events, I was very relieved to have a weekend off! Friday night called for some serious couch time with my latest edition of Frankie Magazine, sushi and I even finished it off with a delicious ice cream as a treat to myself! My idea of heaven!



Saturday consisted of running about getting things done in preparation for the impending silly season. We are hosting our annual Christmas Drinks at home, so a few things needed to be done this weekend to make the party as stress-free and enjoyable as possible! We took the time to stop for a quick bite, which certainly helped to make the chores a bit more bearable.


Now, Christmas is inching ever so close it was time to put up the tree and wrap some presents! We did a vast majority of present buying on Sunday, so there only a few little bits and pieces to check of the Christmas list for the year! I love having the house decorated and will add a few more final touches for the party on Saturday!


Sunday afternoon we had a stroll around our neighbourhood on our way to meet some friends for an early dinner with their adorable son. It was lovely to catch up with them, even though he was being a cheeky little monkey! He always knows how to make us laugh. The weather was stunning all weekend, so it was lovely to be outdoors soaking up some of the magnificent sunshine!

IMG_2888 IMG_2889 IMG_2890 IMG_2891 IMG_2895 IMG_2897 IMG_2901
Did you have a nice weekend?

Are you prepared for the upcoming festive season?

8 thoughts on “Weekend Wanderings…

  1. Your photographs of your day out and about on Sunday are so gorgeous! Love the light and colours!
    And this sounds like it was a pretty perfect weekend, I got some Christmassy stuff done this weekend too, but seriously envious of your sushi and frankie night in, feel like I could use one of them sometime soon :)

  2. I had to tell you that I opened your blog to read this morning, saw the Frankie mag and left straight away to buy myself a copy. I am now back to say hello – “hello lovely” and thanks for letting me know a new copy is out haha xx

  3. Beautiful photo’s, Leah! I have a couple of those light shades hanging in my home. They are by a NZ designer, David Trubridge. I just love the way the light bounces shapes around the room when they are going at night. How awesome is Frankie? Annnnd…i think we might live in the same hood x

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