Weekend Wanderings…

IMG_2729Can you believe this was the last weekend of November? This year is sailing right past now isn’t it?

Normally this year, the social engagements step up a notch, and this year is no different! We had a birthday/housewarming to attend on Saturday night, and met up with a few friends before the party to grab some Mexican! There is something fun about corn chips, frozen margaritas and burritos!



The housewarming/birthday was so lovely. Our friends have moved in to a cute little terrace only about a 15min walk from our house, and they have certainly made it a home! There was amazing cake, fairy lights and bubbles!

IMG_2744 IMG_2734
IMG_2748 IMG_2803 IMG_2794

Sunday we had arranged to meet some friends for a lovely lunch at Monopole in Potts Point. I was most excited about the in-house charcuterie, which was divine!


Afterwards, the sun was shining and we were finally getting some blue sky, so we headed up to Sweethearts Rooftop for some sunshine drinks. A perfect way to end a Sunday!

IMG_2826cIMG_2821 IMG_2824 IMG_2828

Did you have a nice weekend, or is your starting to be overrun with silly season activities?


4 thoughts on “Weekend Wanderings…

  1. Your pics made me crave Mexican food & I haven’t found a good place yet near our house. I looked up the place you ate at & there’s one that is walking distance from our place! I’m so excited now! Thanks for sharing.

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