Review: Cornersmith, Marrickville


A few weekends ago, we revisited the amazing Cornersmith in Marrickville.

We hadn’t been in quite a few months, and remembered from our last experience how fresh all the ingredients were, which resulted in a delicious breakfast!

So we arrived quite early, as we know the crowds can get quite busy now! Still, the only seating options left were up at the bar, which was fine by us! We could watch over all the yummy food being made before being sent out to eat by hungry diners.


Cornersmith are well known for their pickling – so I couldn’t pass up the poached egg roll as my breakfast choice!

All of these ingredients are certainly not something I would normally order, but I am SO glad I did. They worked so well together, and Ryan ended up having a bit of food envy I think! The salami was quite spicy, but with the egg and pickles the flavours balanced out perfectly!

IMG_8781 IMG_8778

Ryan opted for the soft poached eggs, with sourdough and pumpkin chutney, but couldn’t resist a side of that delicious salami. The eggs were cooked  perfectly, and the pumpkin chutney was again something you wouldn’t normally order – but were pleasantly surprised when you ate it!

IMG_8777 IMG_8775c

We can never go past our usual English Breakfast Tea, with skim milk and honey (which mind you, comes from thier own beehives they have on the cafe’s rooftop) and the Skim Flat White. The only downside was, Ryan was served this up with a fork!


Needless to say, we were very impressed again, and will certainly be back. The freshest of ingredients, wonderful staff and a great and varied selection of menu options make this cafe a firm favourite in the Inner West.



314 Illawarra Road Marrickville,

Mon – Fri: 06:30 – 15:30
Sat – Sun: 07:30 – 15:30

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